Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All that has changed

I landed on the landing pad outside the temple. It was good to be back, however I noticed much had changed since I had left.

The full council was busy talking over what to do about a broken ice cream michine. Which is on their part very silly, unless Master Yoda was thinking of planning that ice cream party for hmm. Oh wait, never mind that's not important at all.

Both of the Twi'leks were off in different parts of the temple, force yelling at the other. Those two really do need to learn how to get along, for the good of us all.

My Padawan is now being taught by another Master. Strange how the order doesn't stick with their plans for a Padawan anymore these days.

As for me, I really wasn't ready to give my report to the council, nor was I ready to see anyone. Well that's not really true either for I was ready to see someone but who. Well, who you may ask, well now that's not important yet either.

I went to one of my favorite spots in the temple and waited on them to find me. I am sure by now they are very much aware that I am back at the temple.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm so sorry everyone.

It appears that someone has been able to get into my account and changes things at will. Well at least I've got it back under control and have changed the password and made corrections as well.

If you the reader find any other changes that are needed. Then please leave a comment and tell me.

Again I'm very sorry and disappointed in myself, maybe this is what I get for using a public computer instead of my personal computer. Also dear readers, my story line will continue within a few days.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Walk

"Yes Master Denowai I will walk with you to the Council chambers." Belda happy stated as she followed behind closely behind me.

As we walked towards the council chambers I reminded myself that she was a padawan, unlike most that I’ve taken on an a padawan, a human and not an elf.

I smiled as we reached the chambers doors and let my thoughts turn towards the events that wait ahead of us. I nodded to the guard as he held open the door for us to go on it.

I knew that the council was waiting on us as I walked towards the center of the room with Belda right behind me. As I turned and bowed my respect to council, I looked towards Belda and saw that she was gazing around the room. Then she stopped and looked towards me and smiled. I smiled politely back and waited for the council meeting to beginning.

I then heard Obi-Wan gently and very lightly "Belda, we would like you to stay, please?"

I was not surprised with the councils request to Belda but she looked so surprised and taken back that she looked towards me. ‘To be that young and not know what it to happen, even on day like today.’ I reminded myself as I nodded yes to her.

I knew the council had their reasons for not telling her why she was to stay, then I heard her say "Yes I will stay, Master Kenobi."

As I waited on the council to start this very daunting meeting, I watched as Youngling Belda’s eyes narrow as I sensed in the force that she had come to understand why she was asked to stay.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I have watched the child for some time now and I'm waiting for the council to agree with me that the child should be placed with me.

How a council of 12 can not see what I can is very disappointing.

There have been several times when the council has asked me to become part of the council and I have turned them down. No, not because I wanted to but because I was training a padawan and wanted them to have first hand knowledge. Which I must say is better then learning it in a book any day.

"Master Denowai," I hear called out from the door way of the garden. "The council wishes to see you."

I stood up and turned towards the voice, it was youngling Belda Pinik.

'Strange,' I told myself 'I thought for sure she would have a master by now.'

I walked slowly to the youngling, and as I reached her I placed my hand on her shoulder.

"You have done well Youngling," I lightly stated "I see you becoming a great Jedi some day." as I took my hand off her shoulder and looked deeply into her eyes before asking "Now will you be so kind as to walk with me to the council chambers?"

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


I sat in the temple gardens, just enjoying the quiet time that I've found in them.

I've watched many younglings this week. There are so many hopefuls and not so many masters looking.

I've watched one more then others but to approach her now that she's listening to another makes me rethink my choices.

But thinking about it, she's got great potential under a masters watchful eyes and with the council grace of the partnership between us.